Boxing (careful possible spoiler.)

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Nov 13, 2014
So that boxing match......

I'm not sure this is a spoiler but better safe than sorry.....

So read the bit this morning about the fight and then went on line out of curiosity to see if it was a "real" fight. Mainly what I got was people whinging and whining about how Case wasn't a real fighter and was made up.

I mean come on for (not sure on the swearing policy on this forum) flip's sake, you are reading a book which hinges on a bloke finding a wormhole that takes him back through time not once, but twice, for which you manage to suspend your disbelief, but then you are getting exercised about a made up bloke being used as a plot device.

Some people eh! ;;D


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May 12, 2017
Denton, TX
I had the exact same experience. I looked up the fighters while I was reading it because I was curious if they were real or made up, and I wanted to know what they looked like for visualization purposes. What I saw were a lot of articles making it sound like King committed some sin against the sport. Even if they accepted the fact that King made up a boxer they were pissed because Dick Tiger NEVER would have lost to an out of shape old man. If sports were THAT predictable we wouldn't have to bother watching. Underdogs win all the time in all sports, they can just get lucky or any team/athlete can have a bad day or not take an opponent seriously enough. Analysts and talking heads don't like to admit that because it underlines how pointless they are.
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