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Nov 25, 2009
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Tiny, the EW story confirmed that this movie is NOT strictly by the book. It is a sequel of sorts--Roland ' s next shot at the tower. As such they have a lot of leeway for what might happen. Some events might turn out to be keystones, unchangeable from quest to quest ( like Roland chasing the man in black across the desert ), but I'd bet that not every event is like that. We know that things can change from quest to quest because he had the horn at the beginning of his next run, but it was lost in the book story. I'm getting a little curious--if they couldn't film the books as is (and that would have been difficult and costly ), I'm glad it's another quest entirely.

Im aware of all this. I was just not digg'n it dude(ette).
Im saying that this "last run" is gonna be too far removed from the run we know.

But I will keep an open mind until I get a good look at it /them .

I kept an open mind about
Under the Dome, I watched like 8 hours...but it was too much, I couldnt stand it.
the name of the town WAS chester Mills and there WAS a dome ,...but pother then that...

I tried SOOOO hard to like it... but no dice.

also >>if they couldn't film the books as is (and that would have been difficult and costly )
THIS isnt exactly true ! it wasnt about time and money, it was more about Susanna and her mouth, and the fact
that Roland wasnt really a "good guy hero" much of the time, He was a "poor lead"... that made the movie version next to impossible.

it made producers GRINGD, there was a reason why Stephen King SOLD the rights for 19 dollars US
(Why cant my computer spell Gringe ?)
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Jul 10, 2006
Each project has to be evaluated on it's own.

Different players are involved in each one.

Comparing a TV show - or even one TV show to others - to a movie to a book is the epitome of comparing apples to oranges to pears.