Cell -Going Off Script?

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Oct 28, 2019
I had not known about Cell, so I thought it was The Cell... so I researched it a bit, will watch and write a reply to self...
When I imagine Cell, on the ratings and on the deviation between the book and movie...
I imagine the actor being told simple, they are acting like zombies.... so the actor starts telling their friends it's a zombie film, and then the actor is told they are actually not zombies... so the actor asks if they are trying to make them look dumb, they already told everyone it's zombie.... and the production changes, and that leads to discussions to change the ending... It's my imagination of course, since public knowledge says the script was written as such and no such conversation is on record, yet besides dark tower, I don't understand why the movie is soo far from the book, why why why. Yet, I've not read the book, and I know they are not zombies... so I'm very curious, and they at least probably didn't try to make it a comedy.

So to recap. I found that the book was about people turning into wild animals but the movie is sold as King's zombie flick, if anything that's pet cemetery

I also recall dark tower, the dare I say harry potter of adaptations, and I realize that most of what that movie missed, would have subjected the lead to racial stereotypes types, such as the idea that cowboys themselves... like that Jackie Chan movie... where he plays an Asian cowboy, because anything less would be weird, yet that movie was not an adaptation already loved and yet appropriated as is.

Technically it's frightening to even consider it that way, but now I also realize that from such a prospective, when it comes to originality and talent, they are both at the mercy of cultural appropriation, which does scare me for the shining remake, in case they decide to make it into new york style... happy go-ge-her maddening in which crazy is them also seen as a stereotype that requires the side personalities to become a lead personality, over weird mental disorders spoken as direction... when King is the only direction with veto?
Cheers, I await to see the film!!
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Oct 28, 2019
Just saw the film...
Well, if you liked the film, you would like the game Days Gone, its about creatures called freakers, like film, they both travel in herds....

I liked the movie, couldn't help but analyze it, critic it the hole way through, and this is what was concluded:

It felt like a response to those who asked or accused King's work of violence, as if to say, well the media at large would be thereby to blame, and to disconnect from all the media, is when you realize it's a monster of a momentum in itself. And perhaps more the reason to make it even bloodier, as that's what news is etc..

The downer to this, is that if you ever lived in the city, the kind of conformity to the crazy.. or else!, is common place, so to see creatures that kinda look like the mentally ill is less entertaining. Then again that;s my personal preference, undeniable zombies.

...As entertainment perhaps tends to be that which makes you think of another situation then your own? Or makes it different, personally insightful?.... which the ending of the movie does, I liked it... That inside all of those things... the demon was giving them more peace of mind then they had before becoming a network of wondering things

Thing is, for people with mental illnesses, this might feel like an attack on them, perhaps all the more horror too, in the beginning it seemed like the freakers killed themselves, then you realize they are herds ...

The attack on tower was very Christine, but just as the Bullet train... feel like an answer to what animated Christine into life... was a demon...
which is perhaps what pet cemetery might be

Feels like I'm behind on watching his/your movies! wow

What I recognized with King, or as King's work, is an underlined sense of nearly subconscious attainment of nerve wrecking the otherwise senses of sensibility. Like as though the subconscious is being shocked, and the discomfort is an unease opening us to the fantastic potential of never ending doom...

Example? It would be like me saying, the name Ariel invokes the mind to think of a being that can enter your mind the moment you focused your mind towards it, and that connection opens a door evermore, and instead of your possession, the possession of those around you, since they probably don't have the imaged safeguards you've developed, in interest of such creative works. I was going to use that idea for a rewrite of the necro-nomicon but I wouldnt want to turn it into a religion.

anyhow cheers! and yay.
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Apr 4, 2018
Thing is, for people with mental illnesses, this might feel like an attack on them
I understand why so many people might be offended at a film representation of something very close to who they might be, but I feel like it takes away from the experience to be tiptoeing over these things in an attempt not to offend. The old argument against censorship was that if you don't want to see something then don't look. Is the book offensive? Don't buy it. Is the movie disrespectful? Don't watch it. Yet so many people out there call for more realistic representation of things in film and literature. Follow that through to conclusion and there will be no more fantasy.

A guy who's films I've enjoyed lately is Charlie Steeds. Most (not all) of his stuff is really cool and the dialogue and delivery of his recurring actors is spectacular. They're not zombie films but you might enjoy them, nonetheless. I've seen Winterskin, Escape From Cannibal Farm and The House of Violent Desire. I can't speak on the rest except to say avoid Deadman Apocalypse. It was dreadful to say the least.