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Oct 21, 2011
The movie sucked. What was King thinking when they made it? Not much apparently. Low budget, bad plot, bad acting, 90% of the book didn't find it's way into the movie. The ending was bad. Big disappointment. I like his book, I even like Cell, but this adaptation was terrible. When people say they liked this move, what qualifiers are they using? How do they judge a good movie from bad? Nothing about this movie was worth the time spent watching it.


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Aug 2, 2006
The book...LOVED IT! The movie.......I want my ten bucks back! I usually enjoy the adaptations even and especially the cheesy ones but this one......oh nooooooo.John Cusak (sp) looked so weird.....like.....Michael Jackson kind of weird.And that hat! I wanted to glue it on his head!
Who in the world takes time to put their hat on when the whole world is going to hell? People are killing people left and right,there is mayham everywhere and Jon Cusak stops to pull his hat on? WTH? I should have turned it off right there but....it was ten bucks!


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Jul 1, 2016
My wife and I also saw the early release on Itunes... Mr. King, I am a huge fan... We have even sought out some of your rarer 1st editions. You are one of the few authors that we consider such an amazing writer, that we still buy all of your books in hardback. Cell was a great book... and very frightening, considering EVERYONE today has a cellphone. I am sorry to say... the movie was pure, unadulterated garbage. Awful... abysmal... and GOOD LORD. I too want my ten bucks back... that and the roughly 90 minutes of my life... While I know I will see neither, I wanted to make my disapproval known. You sir, broke my heart, with this poor adaptation of great book...


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Oct 8, 2007
Sighhhhh....I can't say I liked this movie. Individually, I enjoy Samuel L. Jackson and John Cusack as actors, but not in this movie and not together. I think they did a pretty decent job in room 1408, but there is something about casting in all of King's movies that leaves a lot to be desired. There have only been three films that I can say capture the feeling of the book and that would be The Shinning, Misery and Carrie.

This film would have been a lot better...at least in my opinion....if the story stayed closer to the book.


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Sep 26, 2006
I caught this on pay-per-view which should tell you something. This was very uneven and felt like a low budget film despite the presence of Cusack (who looks awful) and Jackson. Characters come and go throughout without much explanation or reason. The whole film felt rushed like they were trying to condense an entire season of The Walking Dead into 90 minutes. A real mess. The ending was laughable and confused. I thought the only effective sequence was the opening at the airport but watching Cusack try to run was painful. Maybe not the worst movie in history but very disappointing.
Mar 12, 2010
I'm going to have to wait until Cell is released on DVD before I can watch it :( I'm anxious to see it. I liked Sharknado... surely Cell can't be worse than Sharknado :)
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Sep 26, 2006


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Jul 17, 2016
Yeah, I dunno what happened with this one, ugh.... I tried, I really did, but it seemed like a poorly made/rushed mess. :( Cusack was almost phoning in it, wearing his constant 'befuddled/mildly stressed' expression, and Sam wasn't exactly Mr. Dynamic, either.
I'll give it another go when there is less stimuli in the room, maybe I missed the boat?

Quotes from a film site:

"Why does Sam Jackson keep signing on for this crap?"
"I'll give you $20,000 reasons why...."