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Cemetery Dance Special Edition!

Discussion in ''Salem's Lot' started by swiftdog2.0, Jan 30, 2015.

  1. fljoe0

    fljoe0 Cantre Member

    I got mine today. I never got an e-mail that the book had shipped so any of you that haven't got yours yet, it may be on the way. It's weird that I never got an e-mail about shipment after they sent me a dozen e-mails over the past 6 weeks telling me it was getting closer to being ready to ship. ;-D

    Anyway, it's gorgeous. I love the artwork on the dust jacket.
  2. Geminii23

    Geminii23 Well-Known Member

    Already saw people selling them on eBay. I didn't know that these were even shipped out yet. I pre-ordered the AE but haven't gotten any email on whether or not it has shipped. Fingers crossed it arrives soon. Can't wait!
  3. Dana Jean

    Dana Jean Reformed Dirty Pirate Hooker Moderator

    same here.
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  4. Mynxie

    Mynxie Well-Known Member

    I know that i may be asking a question with no known answer at the moment but ...... is there a timeline for the releases ???
  5. signals2112

    signals2112 Well-Known Member

    It feels like they are coming out every 6 months.
  6. Mynxie

    Mynxie Well-Known Member

    I can live with that :) ..... Thanks
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  7. Waylander

    Waylander Well-Known Member

    My book turned up Monday morning. What a beautiful edition. As soon as I finish IT (again) I'm starting Salem's Lot (again)...
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  8. JasonLight

    JasonLight Member

    These Cemetery Dance editions are gorgeous productions. I have the first two and THE SHINING on order and will buy the rest as well. If you get a chance, snap them up. I was less-impressed with their edition of IT. The one I had seemed far less quality than the two Doubleday books, but that's probably because of the length of IT. The paper stock on CARRIE and 'SALEM'S LOT are thick and feel great. IT, which I've since sold, seemed quite a bit thinner, but then again I'm sure it's because of the length of the book, especially compared to CARRIE. I'm hoping they're able to bind THE STAND with the thicker stock. I could be remembering IT differently, perhaps it did have the thicker paper, but I don't remember it that way. It's been a few years. I've been hit or miss with CD's editions in the past but these have not disappointed. I bought THE REVELATION by Bentley Little and was disappointed that the font on the cover was the same as the font on a bag of oranges I bought at the store later. That took a little away for me. The only complaint I have about CARRIE is the line "CARRIE WHITE EATS ****" that is graffiti is made up of a font, and so the common letters are exactly the same, instead of illustrated to look like an actual hand drawn note. But that's just a little thing. Everything else is top notch with these.
  9. kingricefan

    kingricefan All-being, keeper of Space, Time & Dimension.

    I'm hoping that CD will split up The Stand into two separate books. It'll just be too large otherwise and the spine will split eventually.
  10. Geminii23

    Geminii23 Well-Known Member

    My copy of IT, which appears to be unread (eBay purchase so not 100% sure) has slightly loose spine because the text block was too big for those end pages. I put in an insert of book board to help any further sag. Yeah, I hope they split the Stand into two volumes.
  11. Waylander

    Waylander Well-Known Member

    Not only the spine splitting, but I reckon it would be way too heavy to hold whilst reading. The basic hardcover edition of the uncut version gets really uncomfortable trying to read it in bed. Add to that the thicker quality paper and glossy illustrations and I believe Arnold Schwarzenegger would have trouble lifting it when he was in his prime...
  12. dallywhitty

    dallywhitty Member

    Isn't the book technically in three parts anyway? I guess they could split them that way and then compile them in one fancy slipcase.

    Anyway, I bought the Special Edition of Carrie when it came out by passed on the other two. They look beautiful but it's just too expensive purchasing every single one, especially when you factor in shipping to the UK. Don't think I'll be able to resist ordering The Stand, though, as it's my second favourite King book.
  13. BrianJamesFreeman

    BrianJamesFreeman Well-Known Member

    Brian Freeman from Cemetery Dance here. The shipping costs USPS charges us for Non-US addresses are absolutely insane. I can understand passing when the postage ends up being as much as the book! Trust me, we hate it as much as you do because they're costing us sales and preventing our collectors from getting books they want. We lose, the collectors lose, and the USPS... wins, I guess?

    Anyway, if you haven't checked out PS Publishing in the UK, they carry almost all of our books and their shipping charges to you would be extremely reasonable. I think they might still have 'SALEM'S LOT on their site. They definitely had THE SHINING a few days ago.


  14. swiftdog2.0

    swiftdog2.0 Elect a clown expect a circus........

    Got my shipment notification today (6/13)!
  15. swiftdog2.0

    swiftdog2.0 Elect a clown expect a circus........

    My book finally arrived today! It's pretty rad \w/

    I've only done a cursory review so far. I'm impressed!

    Here are some pics:

    IMG_0480.jpg IMG_0476.jpg IMG_0475.jpg IMG_0477.jpg IMG_0478.jpg IMG_0479.jpg
  16. signals2112

    signals2112 Well-Known Member

    Where'd your pics go?
    GNTLGNT and kingricefan like this.
  17. swiftdog2.0

    swiftdog2.0 Elect a clown expect a circus........

    They're back. Just doing some editing!
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  18. Doc Creed

    Doc Creed Well-Known Member



    Does anyone know the artist? I'm wondering if it's the same guy that did the cover to Gwendy's Button Box.
    Neesy, Spideyman, kingricefan and 2 others like this.
  19. BrianJamesFreeman

    BrianJamesFreeman Well-Known Member

    David Palumbo is the artist for 'SALEM'S LOT and BEN BALDWIN is the artist for GWENDY'S BUTTON BOX.

    Neesy, Spideyman, GNTLGNT and 3 others like this.
  20. Doc Creed

    Doc Creed Well-Known Member

    Thanks, Brian.
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