Check out the comic book version of "The Raft" (Creepshow 2) that was almost published by Marvel

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Oct 14, 2008
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Back in the 80s, Kelley Jones , a young comic book artist was hired to do a graphic novel adaptation of Stephen King's "The Raft" when Marvel was going to do a comic book version of "Creepshow 2"

Kelley Jones started working on it, he created 12 pages, and about to ink the last half, he was told that the project was cancelled.

30 years ago, he was hired by Greg Nicotero to work on some artwork used in the new tv series, and decided to release the 12 page comic book of "The Raft" that he created !
He shared it on Facebook, with the following message :

Creepshow for me started way way back in late 85 early 86 as Marvel Comics was going to do a adaptation of Creepshow II and for whatever reason asked me if I'd do the classic King story, the Raft.They didn't know I was a fanatical King and Creepshow fan so the squealing like a girl from my end of the phone probably came as a shock to them.Over that summer I worked on the Raft(one of the most terrifying of Kings short stories ever in my opinion)and was really pleased to be doing a horror story, as with the exception of Swampthing,no horror comics were being produced then. I was half way through the inking when Marvel called and said the project was shelved due to a rights fight.The film company didn't have the publishing rights and the cost to get them was to high for Marvel so they cancelled it.In passing the editor said how much of a shame this was as Mr.King was delighted with my stuff and wanted me to do the rest of the book as well.I was destroyed and elated at the same time.( This happens,I have a GREAT Hangman story with Len Wein sitting in some office at Archie Comics in a file for the last 30 years or so, which stats of that helped get me Batman a little later...but that's another story)Graciously Marvel sent me the boards back and I put them in a file and forgot about it. So when Greg Nicotero and Brian Witten asked if I do one piece that turned into a bunch of pieces and then turned into more pieces, they could not of known the emotions they dug up!So forgive the crude artwork of a then fledging young comics artist who was trying to figure this out (I still am by the way) I hope you enjoy this unfinished story from 1986,which has never been seen anywhere as a tribute to the debut of the Creepshow TV series this Thursday on AMC's Shudder network.

Here is the first page, as for the other, they are available on his facebook post or my french Club Stephen King website



Oct 31, 2019
Too bad it never panned out. Would have loved a comic adaptation of The Hitch-Hiker which is my favorite story from Creepshow 2.
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