Children of the Corn 2009 - Feedback, Comments - spoiler-

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Oct 28, 2019
I just saw Children of the Corn, I thought it was a remake, instead it was the original...

This is maybe the only movie I had not seen as a kid, it has the best script,by far, of those movies...

They say the US Witch Trials were brought about by contaminated corn, it could have been used to explain what was happening, since the man ate some...

I really really enjoyed the post traumatic stress hallucinations
The fighting couple really dragged on, like to make the audience think wow just end them?
I think there could be a remake that actually shows the initial take over, not back then... If I was King, I'd kind the Purge films and TV series group...

Also, to note, you can't actually survive on corn, it doesn't have all the dietary requirements... I'm not sure how many know that, domestic and abroad.... when I think of flour, as example, or corn flour, I'd have assumed it can support life... nope. It's not wheat.

I wonder if this movie is any after thought of the King movie with Depp... in that the body fed the garden.... and then a comment or thought about the children.... which then leads to pet cemetery thoughts.. which leads to Maximum carnage.... Even the blue man, might have led to think... what is he was reanimated...

Anyhow, conjuncture, though I remember seeing a short short video or story about children of the corn

well cheers.
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