CHRISTINE Is one awesome Plymouth fury

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Jun 19, 2015
Atlanta, Georgia area
Stephen and I had every High School class together except Drivers Ed and just 1 other ..... When I finally got ahold of Stephen (online through an actor), the test question he asked was "Whom did he write about in "Christine"? I pulled a complete blank, all I could think about was the Strout brothers had a very similar 1957 Desoto plus the older Strout brother looked much like the main character... excellent answer... but wrong ... Stephen says, "Well, I am glad you are still alive!!! Have a nice day!!! Bye !!!! --- It took me about 5 minutes to figure it out,,, The main character had a straight back, square shoulders,,, a little shorter, black wavy hair, "Stephen King" like glasses at first, and a big nose.. but the real person written about as the main character in "Christine" only drove VW's for years... A VW wouldn't have made a very realistic "Christine" Even Uncle Mert (or was it "Milt") would agree........
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