Correct pronunciation for CUJO

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Hill lover35

Well-Known Member
Jan 8, 2017
Alberta canada
I don' care. Lol. I like all the choclate, and all the good stuff all thrown together. The best ie cream I have ever had was like some brand, ie bryers. Did some sort of sponge bob square pants ice cream, and it was good. But I still live wiht mom and she likes vinalla. So when I move out I am buying to most obnoxious ice cream flavoured I can find. Lol


Waiting in Uber.
Jan 3, 2010
In your mirror.
Sigmund, I'm dating a guy named Jorge and had told my son that I was going out with Jorge tonight. Later, I texted my son to check on him, and cracked up when he texted back, "How are things with Horhay?"

Hey, have you guys tried Halo Top ice cream?
I have not tried Halo Top ice cream. I don't even know if it's available around here.
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