Could someone anyone get Stephen King to read this message please

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Berkeley Beaubrun

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May 7, 2020
Dear Master Stephen King
I come in peace bearing words of Good tidings. You are a writer of books. The holi Bible is a book
The holi Koran is a book and the holi Gita is a book. Those three books of scripture represent almost everyone
On the planet with the exception of some esoteric and occult. I kindly ask and respectfully suggest that you
Read those 3 books. For the sake of the salvation of your soul and don’t wait until your last breath to say oh God.

I myself am a writer of spiritual matters and have been published in the Grenadian Voice newspaper under the
Name Graeme Gaskin. The memories of the books that you have written shall last unto all generations that is
For sure. I also encourage you to know thyself as that is one of the oldest Egyptian teachings dating back at least 5000 years before Christ. I realize you no longer read fan mail but I pray someone can get this message to Stephen King.

I leave with this short poem for you Master King
Title Stephen King
Stephen king
King of Kings
May the Most Highest Creator
Remember thy works
Despite the money and perks
Live to love
That great power above
Or below or side to side
From that great energy you cannot hide
Have a blessed day or night
May the highest powa bless u with supernatural sight
Peace and one love one heart from Graeme Gaskin
With the pen and paper we will win
Adios mi amigos..


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Jun 15, 2007
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