Dear Marsha: 'I'm so glad we had this time together..........'

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Apr 11, 2006
New Zealand
Last night I went to bed in tears, I just need for (((you all))) to know that I have read (and am reading) all of your personal messages to the moderating/website team and I am so appreciative. Thank you.
You have all made this place so special and unique... and quite separate to other boards on the internet, this has been an incredibly wonderful community to be a part of, I'm so glad I found you all.

Marsha, I left you a message in here somewhere earlier, but I will talk to you again soon... and I will hope to one day see you on your shores or mine.
Wishing you a peaceful and exciting retirement my friend, you have certainly earned it. xox

Dana Jean - I don't think I can put down in words to properly explain, but I found my very best friend on this message board. Thank you.
Your humour has turned around so many days for me, I don't think you even realise that. xox

Tery - you and your husband (B) once did a wonderful thing for me when my very best little friend passed away and left me heartbroken, I will forever be grateful for this, thank you my friend. xox

Jordan - you have been a terrific friend and without your help here on the board I would have been useless, you've taught me so much! Thank you. xox

Spideyman - you have spoiled me mad throughout the years, you're an incredibly generous lady and I will always be thankful for each thought, gift and gesture. xox

Aroha nui SKMB!