Deft Touch With Doctor Sleep

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Nov 11, 2013
Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed Doctor Sleep as it deftly dealt with a lot of issues that I have been researching for the past few years. Those issues include advance directives, longevity, ageing, the nursing workforce, palliative care, voluntary euthanasia, and the unwillingness to accept death when it is inevitable. I also enjoyed the lighter touch and portrayal of teenagers who don't fear death and love taking risks with life - that took me back to my teenage years - talk about temper!! Have been a Constant Reader for nearly 40 years now - don't watch the movies but did see Carrie when it first came out. I also admire and love the way Mr King has taken risks with the medium used for his stories. Thanks for the opportunity to write - have been wanting to do so for years but Doctor Sleep is the book that finally made the paths cross.


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Feb 16, 2008
I have had the book now for too long and need to start it! I don't usually wait this long. I just jumped to the end of this thread with my fingers in my ears yelling LA-LA-LA so I didn't see any spoilers. Took me a few moments to realize that the forum has metamorphosed.
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