Deleted scenes

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Hill lover35

Well-Known Member
Jan 8, 2017
Alberta canada
Yes, I love this adaptation. The score is ingenious and the actors really sold the story. Carpenter uses a lot of panning in this movie...around corners, around concrete pylons, and more. It's smart because we are instantly in that particular character's POV for a moment and it's very effective. The only scene that leaves me scratching my head is
when Repperton tries to out run Christine down THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD! Smh. I get there were probably time constraints and Carpenter probably couldn't shoot the complex scene in the book where Repperton runs up an embankment at a state park. But, it's a pretty good assumption that a man can't outrun a speeding car. Ha. I guess you could argue that Repperton thought Arnie was driving and didn't actually think he'd murder him...but this is only a minor complaint. After all, it is a movie about a possessed car.
The opening scene where you only hear the engine rumbling is classic. Unsettling.
Regarding your spoiler, I toke it as carpenter whanted to get the shot of Christine on fire wich is awsome

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