Demons and Wizards - For Fans of The Dark Tower and Heavy Metal

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Edward John

Well-Known Member
Aug 15, 2019
Hello everyone,
If any of you are at all interested in heavy metal, there is a great band which consists of Jon Schaffer of 'Iced Earth' and Hansi Kunsch of 'Guardian,' its called 'Demons and Wizards.' Its mainly a side project, but the band are touring the US later this fall. Guardian and Iced Earth are huge Tolkien nerds along with other fantasy series, Markus Heitz as well. They released a concept album about The Dark Tower series, namely 'The Crimson King,' which was released in 2002, I'm not sure if Stephen is aware of this band but I know from his memoir that he is a huge AC/DC, GNR, and Metallica fan, so I think he would enjoy it. Here's a link to one of their songs, aptly titled 'The Gunslinger.'
Enjoy! If anyone knows someone on Stephens team who could tell him about this it would be pretty great to get his opinion. If anyone has any other songs based on or inspired by the Dark Tower, let me know.
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