Describe The SKMB Member With One Word.

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Nov 21, 2014
Pardon my naïveté, what in the blue fluff does cookieliciousminded mean?
"of or pertaining to,the study and deep appreciation of the taste and deliciousness of cookies and the resultant importuning of SKMB members to mail him some cookies,right now dammit,the GNT is hungry.."
well,I think that is the definition,Nomik,just off the top of my head.. ;)

Doc Creed

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Nov 18, 2015
United States
Sigmund- cheeky
GNTLGNT- leader (Big Bill)
Champ- witty (Richie)
Dana Jean- honest (Bev)
Spidey- nurturing
NN- charming
Muskrat- hilarious
Skimom- sophisticated
Danie- speedy
Morgan- friendly
Cesar- artist
KRF- expert
Holly- optimistic
Mr. Cranky- beer
FlowJoe- cool
OutofOrder- unexpected
Sundrop- daisies
Tery- Rush

Sorry if I forgot anyone. I just said whatever popped into my mind first.