Directors you want to see adapt SK?

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Aug 19, 2017
Jackie Brown was an excellent film.

I know, it's very underrated, but people were disappointed in that one because it wasn't like Pulp Fiction and they wanted to see him do something original. Jackie Brown is more of straight heist film while Pulp Fiction has this surreal otherworldly edge to it. Speaking of Tarantino and King I was surprised to find out that King doesn't like the Kill Bill movies. For some reason, and maybe it's the idea of a long quest, the Kill Bill movies remind me of The Dark Tower. I believe King said that The Devil's Rejects was a more authentic grindhouse film while the Kill Bill movies were just ridiculous.


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Sep 8, 2011
The Netherlands
M. Night Shymalan perhaps - I know he reads King. He has quite a distinctive style of his own, wonder if that would merge with King's style.

Also Dario Argento. I believe King offered him one of his books in the seventies - I think it was Salem's Lot. Actually Phenomena was Argento's stab at all those films from the seventies and early eighties about people with supernatural powers - I guess Carrie started that trend. Of course Argento being Argento his supernatural power - to communicate with insects - is quite out-there (although it is already mentioned in Deep Red at the first scene at the Congress on Parapsychology that insects communicate through telepathy, so this clearly always was an interest of him.)
In fact, just like Carrie, in Phenomena Jennifer Corvino (which is very close to her own name, Connelly, because Argento really wanted her specifically for this role), is being bullied by the other girls at the boarding school, but rather BECAUSE of her powers.

And David Lynch, yeah. Sure he has that small-towns-with-dark-secrets thing in common with King.


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Aug 9, 2015
James Wan - Pet Sematary
Matt Reeves - The Stand (watch the last two Apes films)
Peter Jackson - The Talisman (if only for the behind-the-scenes DVD extras that should span about 6-8 months)
Bryan Fuller - not a director, but gives everything he does a distinctive visual flair. Put him on a Duma Key mini-series or Cycle of the Werewolf.

NOT Guillermo Del Toro. Del Toro attaches himself to way more projects than he can handle then ends up doing CGI-overloaded letdowns like Crimson Peak. Let him stick to his own stuff.