Disappointed with Dark Tower

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Machine's Way

“Go then, there are other worlds than these.”
Jul 13, 2009
So, what was the outcome Brooks? Did you finish the Gunslinger? Have you moved on to the Drawing of the Three? lets get a update

Like stated before, the DT is Kings Masterpiece. I am sure you can enjoy Kings other works without ever reading the DT series, but any true King fan will tell you, your really just missing out on the entire King Universe if you don't read the DT. Almost ever book literally ties in, in some way or another so fun when you discover those connections.

Sunlight Gardener

Well-Known Member
Jul 22, 2013
The DT series is probably my favorite thing SK has ever done and I can tell you that The Gunslinger was an absolute slog for me to get through. I believe it took me at least two tries as well. Then I started The Drawing of the Three about 10 pages in, I felt like I was strapped into a rocket sled that launched me through the next 5 books at warp speed.

I can sympathize with your plight. I will say that after I had read the first 4 books and before the last 3 were written, I went back and read The Gunslinger again and got more out of it than originally. That first couple times though, I found it as dry and slow as can be.


Well-Known Member
Nov 21, 2008
The Dark Tower Series is an unusual experience, because it was written over such a lengthy span of time, and the tone, themes and concepts tackled in each one are sometimes drastically different.

The Gunslinger was my second or third favorite in the series and I had no trouble at all getting through that one. I appreciated the departure from classic King in that volume. The Drawing of the Three is more King-esque, I think, a little more familiar, and The Wastelands is pure brilliance. I didn't have an issue until Wizard and Glass, perhaps my least favorite in the series. I tend to hate flashbacks and that's pretty much all it was. Book 5 also lagged for me, but the series picked up again with Song of Susannah and finally, the Dark Tower.

Skipping out on the Dark Tower series is skipping out on a major life event.

Aloysius Nell

Well-Known Member
Apr 1, 2014
Gunslinger, you and I are very different! Except we both love the Waste Lands - probably my favorite of the series. I also loved 4 and 5; 6 and 7 not so much. Again, though, SK's weakest books are still better than almost everything else out there. Although the best of Lee Child's come close!
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