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Doctor Sleep vs. Miniseries

Discussion in 'Doctor Sleep' started by AGP, Mar 16, 2014.

  1. AGP

    AGP Member

    Stephen King bought the rights to make his own Shining, and then wrote the teleplay, I would think, exactly as he wanted it. In it, he made Jack Torrance go to AA and even show up in Danny's high school graduation (I was happy to find that at least the graduating with honors in high school thing was kept in Doctor Sleep). But in his sequel to The Shining (I've just read both The Shining and Doctor Sleep, so I'm aware of what was and wasn't in the novels that he included in his miniseries), he didn't keep any of those changes. It was as if Jack Torrance (as the Kubrick movie suggested--but then that movie didn't see the Overlook explode) was stuck in the Overlook's grounds. So why didn't he keep to what he had written in 1997?

    And on a personal note, I was fairly hurt that Dick Hallorann was so cold with Danny. What I made of it was that it was hard for him to be where he was, but also that he was a little mad that Danny hadn't kept in touch during the drunken years.
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