Dr Sleep.... *** Possible Spoilers ***

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Feb 6, 2008
manchester, uk
I wanted to post this before I read any other comments about... mistakes, factual errors, plot holes, bad endings, blah blah blah. While it was all fresh in my mind, I felt I needed to spread the word. This is my first try at anything longer than a shopping list so please don't be too harsh :), here goes.............

I thought Doctor Sleep was AMAZEBALLS! I have often wondered about Danny T and what had happened to him, and I was not disappointed.Here is my ickle opinion for what its worth....

THE TRUE:I loved the new Rose the hat character (all the True Knots were the perfect baddies, hoping to see a series of The Knot any time ;) ), there is so much scope for so much more, thinking True Blood and what not, all with there own abilities etc always hunting the shiners with their equally good skills defending themselves, its ok I will not be wanting royalties :)
BILLY:I loved Billy, dependable and reliable as all good wing-men should be (kept switching strangely in my mind to Scatman even though Dick made an appearance, maybe his soul had passed on?),
DR JOHN: Dr John, meh, he was ok but I could see more scope for him, possibly an intertwining of him and Billy? Overall I had forgotten he was even in the book until they mentioned him holding Lucy back!
ABRA: I liked Abra, even though my Brit accent kept pronouncing her name in my head as A-Bra! And to be honest nowadays I usually don't think much of the know it all teenager with a "gift", hmm I have a teen daughter and they know enough as its is usually! But Abra was a nice mix of not too cocky not too nice.
DANNY T: Danny/ Dan was a different story, when I started this I almost cried for the loss of my little guy that had worked so hard to be, I was so sad my little guy I "pushed" for had ended up... hmmmmm....I am so glad I stuck by him, because the beginning almost made me throw the book away, a first for ANY king book, anyways he turned out how I had hoped and lets all learn a lesson from the Brave's Tee-shirt kid and ignoring things that possibly we shouldn't!! All in all Dan was what I wanted, his character was rich, meaningful and thought provoking, maybe he could have stepped a bit out of AA's shadow and shown himself, but all in all a good guy with a good heart, I liked Danny by the end.

Scenery wise, I thoroughly enjoyed revisiting the Overlook, and remembering the imagined scenery from my first read through of The shining, and little Dannys bedroom, funnily my mind remembered mine/kings novel version and not the films! Even though I must have watched the film a million times. Overlook, I could almost feel the winter chill of the plot where it had once lain, and oh ya bet your socks I would give all I have to stand on "the roof o' the world looking over those snow capped hills. Looking over the mountains with the wind beneath me imagining the Overlook in all its grandeur, stuff of dreams! The train track, I can picture as well as the hot spice ha ha, however, the rest of the scenery was not as amazing, but to be 100% fair, we have all seen houses and roads so overall, the IMPORTANT locations, I would rate 9/10.

Plotwise, Its hard for me to say, I loved the book from beginning to end, as most good books, it started small then ramped up and up and up until the out and out climax. There was never a moment when my mind wandered, which to me at least is the sign of a "goodun", Will it be the best? well... its stuck in my mind like a piece of meat in a molar if that is any help on that one. I would re read from the beginning right now if it wasn't in a list of roughly 1000 books I just have to go over again (this one made me want to re read the talisman must be the cross world stuff?) so it will be placed immediately back into the re-read pile I have on my tablet :)

Overall I loved the book, I felt giddy when I picked it up, and there wasn't a point I didn't look down at the percentage bar on my tablet and think "noooo, please don't finish, not yet its too soon!" Now its done, I feel sad that its over. It was an amazing journey, and a brilliant perfect end. But as with all good books, I wish it wasn't when it is, but the wheel always turns I guess. Stephen King will always be the journey man, and I have learned to expect the end will not justify the means but this one did, so lap it up SK lovers :)

I loved the characters, loved the scenery, loved the plot, loved it all, I am no critic but.... if I could write then well............ I bloody would and be rich and not writing for you peasants! ha ha, however critic or not I like to have closure and knowing what happened to our little Danny boy, his mum and a family he never knew he had, has placated my curious little beast.... well for now anyway, as we all know, the beast is always hungry and will be forever ready for more mwah ha ha.

Anyways before reading the other reviews by people much more adept at finding fault in authors works and making me see things in a new light, I thought I would stick in my 2p's worth of constant reader/ lifelong lover of Sai King's works and tell you that from the heart.... I LOVED IT. Thankee sai King and pleasant days to you, yours and theirs X
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