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Dream cast

Discussion in 'Duma Key' started by Rick Wyman, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. Rick Wyman

    Rick Wyman New Member

    If Darabont ever gets to script and direct it:

    Edgar Freemantle: William H. Macy

    Pam Freemantle: Felicity Huffman

    Freemantle girls: Dakota and Elle Fanning

    Kathy Green: Jane Lynch

    Xander Kamen: Delroy Lindo

    Tom Reilly: John C. Reilly

    Jack Cantori: (“Efron’s too old; who’s hot at Disney now?”)

    Jerome Wireman: Tommy Lee Jones

    Elizabeth Eastlake: Betty White

    Dario Nanuzzi: Alfred Molina

    Mary Eire: Sally Kellerman
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