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Jul 15, 2015
I have been a fan of Stephen King ever since my big brother handed me It and said it's a great book about a clown who loves kids... He left out "for dinner'... I was 10 and never looked back.

Here I am, many years later and find myself a part of a book club. I have been given the honor of choosing our 3rd book in the series and tonight, I have chosen Revival. I also must choose where we eat or drink when we have our meeting, and honestly, I need your help.

Without providing spoilers, would you be willing to suggest a pairing? A place for us to eat or drink at in the Los Angeles, CA area, based off of the book/characters in the book? Whether it be a specific restaurant or a type of cuisine to choose from. I'm sure Mr. King knows exactly where we should go (and Mr. King if you're reading, yes you're invited!), but in case he's unavailable ;) Please, I await your opinion.

Once I finish the book myself, I'll be back to see if my ideas match yours.

Have a great night and thank you for your consideration.



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Jun 4, 2009
Baltimore, MD
For some reason, I would say burgers and beer for this book. Now, I live in Baltimore, so I can't suggest a good burger and beer joint near you. But if you lived in Baltimore, this is the place I'd suggest. Maybe you can find something similar near you? Untitled Document
"Untitled Document" isn't the name of the burger joint... It's just evidence of my inability to operate a message board. :facepalm:
Jul 15, 2015
So I've read the book and I must say, WOW! Stephen King really has a way of describing our deepest darkest fears! I actually cried when I read about
how Charles D Jacobs lost his wife and child, and cried again when he identified them and cried again during the Terrible Sermon.

When I was little, long before my Stephen King days, a punishment my mother would give us when we were bad would be to stand in the corner. It didn't help that she would forget we were there... And for hours I couldn't ever look up towards the crack in the ceiling. I did it once, as I had begin to doze and saw a spider, the size of my stepfather crawling down the crack. Teeth barred, hundreds of eyes reflecting back my soundless screams... I guess it's no wonder I've always been drawn to Stephen King's books. He writes about the creepy crawlies in the dark...

Anyway... The point is to thank you for your suggestions on where to eat. I would love to find a place with a musicians theme. Something based in electricity would be fabulous! I think the hospital cafeteria might be going a little too far... Or find a great place with seafood that wouldn't ever compare to the seafood found in Maine.

Until we meet again, "One, Two, you know what to do"

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Jul 13, 2009
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