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Nov 21, 2014
This has been sitting in my to-be-read pile for a while, I finally got to it tonight. I enjoyed it very much. Coincidentally, at the end I had Star Trek II on the television, and just at the end of the book as I finished the movie was at the point where Spock saved the Enterprise, and there was the scene between he and Kirk.. between the movie end and the book, well..


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Jun 23, 2012
I finally got a copy the other day and read it the same night. its an interesting story. but its given me the same feelings that Gwendy's button box did. When i read gwendy, it gave me the feeling of wanting more and having a feeling that there was going to be a following book, and that turned out to be true.
Again after reading Elevation, im getting the "wait, theres more to come!".
Its just the endings that give me that incomplete to be continued feeling.