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May 1, 2018
I just read the whole thing in one sitting, if you don’t count me going to get the tissue box. This story was amazing. I love the positivity in it and it really highlights the good things in life. I think that it’s so important to accept everyone because we have more in common than we know. People treated Missy and Deirdre with disrespect and hostility, but by the end everyone comes to see them differently. The part with the race really got me though. I had to take a little break after that. The whole story filled me with many emotions, so I’m not totally sure about how I feel. I’m enlightened and sad and hopeful, but I feel confused. That’s what a good story does, though. That, and it merits a whole lot of crying. I really do feel hopeful after reading it though because there is so much goodness in the world that we sometimes don’t see. It’s all there, though.