End Under the Dome now!

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Jan 19, 2011
ugh. Zombies. Never understood this fad. (Did enjoy "Cell")

Anyways, IMO Mr King wont "end" the show even if he was contractually capable of doing it. What message would that send to people who later might be looking to pay money to adapt his stories? He also is on record saying he is all for people running with his source materials.

The ratings have been a bit troubling for viewers. The total number is still decent. However the attrition and trending look very rapid. I wouldn't be shocked to see this series not get renewed and kind of hang out there unresolved forever... unless one of the streaming services pick it up.


Dec 6, 2007
New York, NY
Dear all (and Steve (if I may call you so)),

I'm a perfectly good example of the "Constant Reader", being born in 1957 I'm old enough to have followed you from the beginning. I've enjoyed all the stories, some more than others, of course. In particular, the best stories (to me) are "The Shining", "It" and "The Stand". I was also very pleased with "Dr. Sleep" (as I didn't expect it to be so good).

I'm Swedish, but I take care to read them in English (thanks to you, I've learned a lot of nice expressions, such as "F@ck you and the horse you rode in on"), and as you know, the English version of "Thinner" uses Swedish instead of "Romani". For example, the terrible curse "Purpurfärgade ansikted" means in Swedish "The purple colored face" (which I believe originally was picked from a Swedish copy of "The Shining").

Also, most of the movies are fine (except for "The Running Man", but I take it you didn't have much to do with that one). Especially, I liked "Storm of the Century" (but that one does not seem to be based on a book, is it?).

To get to the point: Under the Dome! A decent enough novel, but the movieworks...well, I managed the five or six first episodes. Then I lost it. Of course, I've been watching the rest like a fool, including the second season's latest episode 2. But it sucks. Twin Peaks was "strange" AND good at the same time, as was the "Fargo" 10 episodes series. But this is just strange AND bad. I know that you directed an episode, but still...

Please Steve (I wouldn't dare to call you "Steve-O", I know that you hate it) - if you have the power to end this Under the Dome sh1t, do it now!

Your faithful Constant Reader
Hans Larsen
Stockholm, Sweden
Did you read Stephen's letter?
Under the Dome - A Letter From Stephen


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Aug 12, 2010
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Some like it, some do not.

It simply comes down to that. I watched the first season with an open mind and with my expectations reigned in, but it just wasn't my bag. I'm not a huge TV watcher as it is, and I found that by the end of the season I lost interest. I don't even think I watched the season ender. Nothing to do with the changes from the book to TV series, I just don't have the commitment TV requires these days. I won't slag the series. Much respect. I'm glad folks are enjoying it. Hope it brings happiness to those watching, that's what it's all about. It's just not for me. Cheers!


Feb 19, 2016
That just figures. The first time I like something really a lot and feel almost nothing but positive vibes about it (I find it hard to be continuously positive; I can't pretend I don't see the horrific things I do on my job as a paramedic) but I meet almost nothing but people who not only dislike the show in a 'meh' kind of way but they appear to actively and aggressively despise it.
I thought this observation was just me overplaying what I'm interpreting bc I'm not that good at correctly guessing tone, especially when it's online because Internet killed tone faster than video killed the radio star. And whenever there are two ways to take someone's tone, the reader will almost without fail will decide that you mean the negative and not the positive one.
In this comment, I'm referring to tone that CAN'T be taken two different ways. I've met at least 25 people online who don't merely dislike this television series and I don't understand the downright anger over it. I grasp that the show may do nothing for them but I'm failing to comprehend why it seems as if they're downright hostile about it. I did what I usually do and assumed it was me having an over-reaction based on my own situation lately, which has been extremely stressful since June 1. But I can't help but wonder why they refuse to accept that Under the Dome is on TV the way I've had to accept for YEARS that all those stupid zombie movies aren't going anywhere and either be angry forever at their continued existence or do my level best to ignore them.
I dislike zombies because of my work. I used to have to pick up every body part that was detached from the patient because most men didn't want women working in EMS (especially in the 90s) and this was their pathetic attempt to make us want to leave, which didn't work on a stubborn me.
I also dislike the fact that there are medications that can give a patient zombie qualities. The most known one to me, which I use on a very frequent basis, is called succinylcholine (pronounced suck sin'ial choline.) It paralzyes all the skeletal muscles so the patient won't move and make their trauma worse but they're awake the whole time because putting people in serious trauma to sleep is dangerous. It's hard to explain it, especially today.
But they look like zombies when given this medication. Other medicines can do that too but I can't remember their specific names.
The old formula for Haldol used to do it too. They changed the molecular structure of Haldol in the 90's.

The *Thorazine* shuffle is what we psych nurses used to call it. :fried: Many of those psychotropic meds are TOXIC!


Feb 19, 2016
One thing I really hate about television is when they cancel a show before wrapping it up...just leave us hanging. One that comes to mind is HBO's Deadwood (although it has been confirmed that a movie is in the works) and although UTD wasn't Emmy material, I would have preferred some kind of *closure* to the story.