Episode 6 - Happy Birthday LHO

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Just one more chapter...
Jul 14, 2015
I didn't see a thread for this episode yet.
I'm still loving the series, but still hating on Bill. Could whoever wrote his character possibly have made him any more stupid?? He has no redeeming qualities at all.
My husband (who has not read the book) seems to think
Bill will be the "second shooter" that somw believe was involved in the real-life assassination.
I told him, that's not how the book ended at all, but who knows what will happen with the show?

So, what did you guys think of episode 6?

Patricia A

Jul 10, 2006
Puget Sound
Bill is a pain in the butt, but he serves as a great foil.
I'm really loving this show. This episode was another edge of my seater.
One thing that sticks in my craw though, is how quickly Sadie believed Jake's story about being from the future, but hey no biggie. I can live with it.
The bit about the phones of the future was cute.


Just moseyin' through...
Oct 9, 2013
The CIA angle has my eyes rolling, but it's still an okay show. It's lost a bit of steam and groove from the first three episodes, but maybe it will pick back up for the end.


Say hello to my fishy buddy
Apr 12, 2006
Bremerton, Washington, United States
Well, two episodes left. It's not totally horrible, but I really think they had enough time and room to do justice to the novel and in my opinion, they missed the mark.
I agree. I mean, I like this miniseries but it's just missing... something. Can't quite put my finger on it. But they did have lots of time and leeway to really do it right. Oh well.


Well-Known Member
Sep 6, 2013
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States
I realized when I watched "Soldier Boy" that I never got around to weighing in on last week's episode. The major takeaway from last week was that George became completely unbearable. I kind of figured this was where things were going, but the party scene still infuriated me. On the one hand, I liked that Lee and Marina and Marguerite got a bit more screen time, but Bill I was really happy to see him committed and gotten out of the way. And that final bit of business, that he was partially to blame for Jake's beating, just added that extra kick in the teeth.

At the same time, Oswald is growing on me. Something about him has become compelling, and I don't know what it is; he's still a cypher, but at least he doesn't stop the story dead in its tracks anymore. The scene where he's trying to win Marina back shows just how much he wants her to praise him for getting the job at the book depository. She hits some great moments in that scene too, standing up for herself and not being a pushover. You almost wish those two crazy kids would work it out.

The scene with Miz Mimi was sweet and touching, but once again, I feel as though an extra Jodie-centric episode in which she and Deke and the Of Mice and Men production took center stage would have made her cancer revelation and Jake's emotional response a little more poignant. Jake and Sadie are still cute as they can be; the hospital scene worked for me because of how much I like Sadie. However, I didn't like the scene where Jake threatens George; it seemed a little violent and aggressive for the hero, even though his intentions were good.

I was waiting for the scene where Jake got beaten, and there it was, right on schedule. It didn't look nearly as brutal as it was in the book; I wondered if the end result would be the same, with Jake being hospitalized, but it turns out I needn't have worried. On to next week!
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