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Jul 19, 2011
Whoa, you guys. By far, the most unlikeable protagonist I've ever encountered. Surprisingly, this was the hardest one to get through. I just hated Dave Streeter so much. Elvid was a really interesting character and it's a really cool spin on a bargain tale, but

it was just so hard to watch everything continually spiral south for the Goodhughs. I practically cried listening to Tom talk about the "hopeful look" in his brain damaged son's eyes. Right? So tragic. I kept expecting Streeter to show at least a shred of humanity. Nothing. Despicable. Still, I had to chuckle when he thought "at least we missed the peak of mosquito season" when he learned of Norma's death. What a bastard.

At least for being tethered to a character completely devoid of sympathy, the story makes it's point quickly and it's mercifully short. And that last line...so awesome. Perfect ending.


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Jun 7, 2014
I liked the fact that he showed no remorse. Seems like in every "Deal with the Devil" story I've ever read, the guy who makes the deal either gets caught in some loophole and pays the price, or ends up feeling bad about it and finding a way to go back and change it. I found it amusing to see a guy just do the deal, and let it run it's course with no regrets.

For anybody who says King has lost his "Dark" edge, just make them read this. It's both brutal and hilarious all at once. I wish there were still anthology shows on TV, like "Masters of Horror" or "Tales From the Crypt", I'd kill to see a half hour/Hour long show based on this.


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Dec 5, 2011
One of my favorites--when King ventures into black comedy mode (e.g. this story, Needful Things, parts of Under the Dome, "Word Processor of the Gods") the results are always great. Wish he'd do it more often!

Mr Larry Underwood

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Aug 8, 2014
One of my favorites--when King ventures into black comedy mode (e.g. this story, Needful Things, parts of Under the Dome, "Word Processor of the Gods") the results are always great. Wish he'd do it more often!
Another Hilariouss black comedy tale is "the cat from hell". I just laugh everytime I think of the hitman pointing the gun at the feline.


Oct 14, 2007
Deerfield, OH
I hated the main guy too! I couldn't believe that he'd be so happy about all the bad things that were happening to his supposed best friend. I mean... sure I've been really jealous of my friends at times in the past... but I'd never want anything horrible to happen to them!
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Expose yourself to your deepest fear.
Aug 11, 2015
I liked this one. Reminded me a little of Needful Things a bit. I've been on both ends of that story, like many of us to some degree. "Players and Haters" Seems most people mistake Venus for a star and wish upon it. Apparently when Venus is visible, it is a good time to wish upon a star and ask for what you want in life.. What significance? I don't know... Something to think about.

I also love the way SK incorporates real events/dates in the story.
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We all have it coming, kid
May 9, 2010
Brilliant tale.... really made me think, if I was in the position of Streeter, would I be tempted...... would I?
I re-read this one recently and it made me stop and think:

Whom do I hate enough?



I'll keep the answers to that question to myself, but I do like the way the "extension" keeps extending. It seemed to me that Streeter thought he was making a straight trade. That he didn't seem to care much when he found out he was wrong is the heart of the hilarity for me.

There ain't no universal justice in this life.

None at all.
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