Favorite book quotes

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Walter Oobleck

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Mar 6, 2013
When Dennis is talking to Mr LeBay...not Roland, but Rollie's younger brother George and he tells Dennis about Roland, about his anger, the letters he wrote, about how he was married to the army, married to the ****ters...and he speaks of the letters home...they were his suspension bridge, his novel, his symphony, his great effort. I don't think he wrote them to get rid of the poison in his heart. I think he wrote them to spread it around.

Another...through Arnie's stream-of-consciousness...he has just pulled into Darnell's garage...this after the car ride and the apparition or whatever it was, the rider...that was now gone...though the smell was still there. Arnie reasoned If you hung around the ****ters for long enough...everything started to smell like ****. And that made them happy, of course.

Michael Horton

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May 7, 2015
I have to read Christine, so I don't have a favorite quote, yet. My favorite band for the past 20+ yrs has been Swervedriver. They have a song called "Son of Mustang Ford" and there is a lyric line "The radio still plays among the mangled metal frays" Im not sure but I think that was from Christine. Ive seen Carpenter's movie and that line always reminds me of the end.
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Feb 18, 2013
I remember reading 'A Witch shall be born' by Robert E Howard when I was about 13. It's the story where Conan is crucified.

Howard says something like: 'Conan had life nailed to his spine'