Favorite IT form

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Apr 16, 2018
I like the flying leeches/wax faced figure that assaults Hockstetter, I thought it was pretty freaky when it became the Creature from the Black Lagoon more from how it acted than how I imagined it looking, but my favorite form is probably the clown. I did think it was interesting that it turned into a great white shark in the canal though.


Human Magpie
Apr 30, 2015
The Netherlands
Dracula, absolutely. It's the only incarnation that's actually nightmare material to me. I'm not afraid of vampires in general, but that description... A face like an ancient warped root (sorry, I have the Dutch version, I'm not familiar with the original words), the razor teeth, bloody eyes... I always imagine a posture like a dead bat, hiding motionless in the background. The "when you see it, you'll **** bricks" type of thing.

And yes. "KEE-RUNCH!!!" Or in my book, "KEEE-RÁK!!!" :welcoming:
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