Favorite Stephen King pics

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Hill lover35

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Jan 8, 2017
Alberta canada
Well I hope there was more than just physical attraction. I read somewhere (cannot recall where) something about him wearing some rubber boots around campus and she jokingly said "I think I'm in love" [or something like that].

Who knows if that is real or just a rumour?

Must have been tough way back when, living in a trailer with little kids and hardly any money.

I recall being in similar circumstances - renting part of a house, not having a lot of money to spend etc. I never really had a very steady job until after I applied to the Canadian military and got accepted. Wow - that was so many years ago. It was a different world. Not sure if I would apply today with all the unrest in the world. Back then we did mostly peacekeeping duties but everything changed after 9/11.

Anyway - that pic you posted showing Joe Hill and his Dad at roughly the same ages was a good one! You can really see the resemblance in that one - have a great day!

Hey - I just Googled it - turns out in was in one of his speeches - cool

"Now as for my remarks. The only person who understands how much this award means to me is my wife, Tabitha. I was a writer when I met her in 1967 but my only venue was the campus newspaper where I published a rude weekly column. It turned me into a bit of a celebrity but I was a poor one, scraping through college thanks to a jury-rigged package of loans and scholarships.

A friend of Tabitha Spruce pointed me out to her one winter day as I crossed the mall in my jeans and cut-down green rubber boots. I had a bushy black beard. I hadn't had my hair cut in two years and I looked like Charlie Manson. My wife-to-be clasped her hands between her breasts and said, "I think I'm in love" in a tone dripping with sarcasm.

Tabby Spruce had no more money than I did but with sarcasm she was loaded. When we married in 1971, we already had one child. By the middle of 1972, we had a pair. I taught school and worked in a laundry during the summer. Tabby worked for Dunkin' Donuts. When she was working, I took care of the kids. When I was working, it was vice versa."

This was just so sweet.
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