Favourite Order?

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Jun 15, 2014
My order:

  1. The Drawing of The Three--When I first read this book, it was really quite unlike anything I've read before. I think the journey started for me here--Roland has a plan, and now he gets started and has work to do. I loved the introductions to Eddie and Susannah. Kinda corny, but this book was just magic. Also, the gun showdown/battle scene in NY circa 1987 was probably one of the best action scenes I've ever read.
  2. The Waste Lands--I like how the plot advances in this book, Eddie and Susannah starting to adjust to their new life, Roland adjusting to his new ka-tet. Also, Jake :) I really dug Blaine the Mono--that whole riddle scene was fun to read. I didn't mind the "cliff-hanger" ending.
  3. The Wolves of the Calla--I liked how the plot moved into a whole other direction. Plus, the book had a very 'Western' feel to me--I felt like if I "watched" it--I was watching a Western movie;-D Also, liked seeing our ka-tet seeing them in action as gunslingers.
  4. The Dark Tower--I have to admit, I found this book in some parts quite confusing and jumbled. Nonetheless, this book was full of heart--meaning SK ended it how he wanted to end it, and as I think about the ending many times, I could think of no other way how this series could have ended. It was perfect.
  5. Wizard and Glass--I know that this is fan-favorite, but I wasn't a big fan of this one. I liked it: liked how we saw a younger side of Roland, a look into his life before, his friends, and his first love. What "ruined" this book for me I guess was that I personally thought that there were too many scenes that dragged.
  6. The Gunslinger--I feel like if I re-read this again, it would definitely be higher on my list--I will appreciate it more, but now it stays here, lol. I call this the 'introductory' novel--this is where we get our feet wet and gaining a little sense of Roland and what his goal/mission is. Slow-moving, but gets moving as it goes on. I think someone posted here that they see it more as a 'long poem,' and I definitely agree with that. Also, features the best first-sentence ever written in a novel, in my opinion. Stays with you and haunts you to the very end.
  7. Song of Susannah--Yup, the 'filter' novel. Didn't much care for Mia. Didn't much care for Mordred. This one didn't work for me. My favorite bits were when Eddie and Roland were in Maine, and we met John Cullum and SK himself, lol.

I agree with that while these books are coherent, but also have something different in each of them, I do feel like The Dark Tower is just ONE LONG book. I've always felt like these books are an experience--especially the first time reading them. With each book, I felt like a magic door really did appear to me, like in DT, and when I turned the knob, BAM! I was transported into the stories--I was travelling right alongside the ka-tet. Once you're in, you're in--in for the long haul. It's an incredible journey, and once you're done, it's a very sad and empty feeling knowing that's it. Well, that's how I felt;-D. But, it's comforting to know that I can always go back to Mid-World :)
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Jul 16, 2015
Oh, go on then.

1 Wizard And Glass
For that moment when I realised that this was a whole other story. Within the story. And it was excellent. God I hate Aunt Cordelia!

2 The Drawing Of The Three
As previously mentioned, the one where it all seriously kicks off. I remember the first time I read the Eddie introduction, thinking 'Stephen is on fire here!' Then bringing in such a complex character as Odetta. Bravo!

3 The Waste Lands.
For getting to know the characters, Jakes entrance into Mid-World and the whole final section in Lud! And of course, me old pal Gasher!

4 The Dark Tower.
For, you know. THOSE bits. And the perfect ending.
5 The Gunslinger.
A great introduction to Roland and his mad world. Was a lesser favourite until I re-read it a while ago. It's still really good though.

6 Wolves Of The Calla.
A great story in and of itself but coming right after the majesty of Wizard I felt slightly disappointed with it.
7 The Wind Through The Keyhole.
Lovely stories. Great book but not as good as the others.

8 Song Of Susannah.
Yeah, didn't really grip me at all. Still good though. But I liked it more the last time I read it.
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