Firestarter 2?

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May 19, 2015
Preston, UK
I love this story; for the longest time it was my favourite. I also must have rented the film three dozen times at least when I was about twelve (Shhhh!)
If memory serves the book finished with Charlie going to the offices of Rolling Stone for Show & Tell.
I always feel any sequel should begin where the original left off. Will Charlie change her mind? Will she sense the insidious presence of the Shop? Perhaps a feeling or a message from her late father.
One thing is certain. No matter what turns a potential follow up tale may take Charlie is bright, resourceful, talented, unyielding and valiant. I think the crux of the story should be chiefly her loneliness and then her learning to hide her grief; to blend in to the point of invisibility (another gift?) and only make ties when absolutely necessary. Foster care wouldn't work. She'd be in the system and found. So how to live at 9 years old in NYC, moving constantly whenever she feels threatened should prove to be interesting.
Cap's female replacement can be nothing other than utterly cold, calculating yet refreshingly maternal; her driving force should be lobbying for the dissolution of the Shop in favour of solely funding the Lot 6 program. She needs indisputable evidence to prove the Shop's catastrophic failure and their pressing need to re activate Lot 6,7 and 8: Charlie. With the dark side of ambition as her co pilot, seeking the vindication that her increasingly erratic predecessor failed to achieve should justify their increased funding and prove the ubiquitous principle: Never send a man to do a woman's job.
The Manders' should have a less obsequious, a more leonine role in trying not only to find but protect Charlie. Their initial mistrust and dislike for the Shop would have to had become outright hatred.
And finally Vicky McGee. I think she may have been an only child however that doesn't preclude the possibility that she has any relatives at all.
So many possibilities and, I'm almost positive, we haven't heard the last from Charlene McGee.

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