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Mar 16, 2010
Jets got Godzilla the offensive tackle in the draft. Good... it’s hard for Darnold to throw completions while laying on his back.

I see Miami got QB Tua Tagovailoa. A good QB pick if he can stay healthy and be able to play with his hip injury.

Poor Patriots… a fair to middlin' draft and now they lost their fullback, James Develin, to retirement. Looks like the New England dynasty is over.
I’m sure everyone is broken up about the changes in NE.......

It’s OK. 6 Super Bowls championships over 19 seasons is pretty groovy.

I can live with TB riding past accomplishments to $50 million over the next two years on another teams dime.


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KC picked up that RB from LSU, and they'll be that much harder to deal with.

Denver has got enough weapons to keep up with KC. But they'll need another RB themselves.

Chargers won't challenge them, and the Raiders need another #1 receiver in addition to the one they've got.

KC will win their division again, and if that RB of theirs lives up to the hype, will be in the Superbowl again.


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Feb 15, 2008
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:biggrin-new: @ Tom Brady.
btw...I wrote you funny msg over on the Playground. Hope you and your husband are doing well.
Glad you folks enjoyed the clip and, Doc - I must agree
Jokes about Tom Brady come much easier to me
Now that he has left New England... Joined another team
(Even though he's still the GOAT) it is a funny meme.