For those of you that haven't read the DT, or quit on The Gunslinger...

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Oct 9, 2013
"Suffer through" the first book. It's not easy. I stopped 4 times. I finally finished it & read The Drawing Of The Three. I'm hooked. The second book it worlds better! I start the next one Monday.
Totally agree. I will never really like The Gunslinger--it's a lot like trudging through mud for me--but I really like the rest of the series, particularly books 2-4 :)


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Jun 15, 2013
I read the original Gunslinger, then the rest of the Dark Tower series, then the revised Gunslinger after that. I didn't like the writing style of the original, and I think the fact King published a revised edition tells you he thought it needed to be changed as well. The revised edition was much easier to read. I still think's it the least of the Dark Tower books, but in a strange way, I liked reading the revised edition as a sort of coda to the series. It's also refreshing to read the revised after trudging through the original. Plus if you were unaware of this, he had a lot of things in the original which did not correlate properly to the rest of the series. The revised edition attempts to put everything in alignment.

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Jul 10, 2011
The Darkside of the Moon (England really)
Which book was the scene where Roland took on Cort to win his apprentice guns? I reckon it was the first one. Because THAT got me hooked big time.
I can't quite remember but that seems most likely to be wastelands or wizard and glass (3 or 4) because book 1 is mostly about his pursuit of the man in black and an intro to the world's, and book 2 was about getting Eddie and suze and Jake again, book 3 and 4 is where we start getting rolands back stories.

Welcome to the boards anyway.
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Apr 21, 2009
I now belong to the ranks of those who have read the “Dark Tower” series. For any readers of S. King, please make the journey and pick up The Gunslinger!

Starting with the revised “Gunslinger” (back in July), I devoured the seven books, in order. Kindle Fire helped me immerse myself – amazingly! I never thought I could give up the feel of holding a physical book. (I still miss actually owning the hard copies of the books, one of my SK hard covers is even autographed…. but ownership may come with time…oh dear, I just realized how much I am like Calvin Tower)

Backslide to the history of my reading appetite: I have always loved reading Stephen King – what I called his “normal” or “regular” books – that included everything except the Dark Tower books. Now I am amazed at how blind I was to have dismissed this series – like a person who doesn’t like lobster, because they have never tried it! (that’s me, too)

On to Wind Through the Keyhole!

And may I add – With love, from Maine! Home to many images and vignettes from so many books – Kennebec Fruit Store, the Empire Theater, WBLM, Rt. 1, the Paul Bunyan statue, Dysart’s…..