Four film movie of The Stand

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Jul 10, 2011
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Doesn't say how long each one will be though, the mini series was 4 90 minute films, and that still cut a good bit out and merged characters. I wonder who this mind blowing cast will be. Will Harold be fat like the book or rake thin like the mini series?

I hope it's worth the wait. By the time film 1 gets made and released it could be 2019 by the time we get to see film 4.


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Jun 4, 2007
I agree, McConaughey would be a good choice for Flagg.

However, the four-film model for "The Stand" honestly sounds not only risky, but unnecessary. Obviously the goal here is to do a "Hunger Games" kind of thing. If the studio wants to do that, then they would best cast young people for all the roles, make it a true YA asset and have only people under, say, twenty-five survive the flu. Maybe the only person who "survives" is Flagg, he's the only old guy. No one here will agree with me on this, but I honestly think this won't work financially as a faithful adaptation in this digital age as four films. Now, as one film, it might. What maybe should have been done was the "Dark Tower" model...maybe do a short miniseries prologue on HBO that airs right before the film hits theaters. And if necessary, another miniseries to finish it up. I also have to wonder if this is a set-up to make a separate Flagg movie at some point, sort of like the Marvel way of doing things. And is Warner Bros. doing "It" as well? Maybe the company would like Flagg and It to meet up after that, a big, evil convergence (which might not be recommended).

I just don't know...


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Jul 10, 2006
This has got multiple threads going - my repost from the other one:

Director Josh Boone announces on Kevin Smith's Hollywood Babble On - The Stand now to be Four Movies!!!!!!!!

Interview here - SModcast | Hollywood Babble-On Bonus: Babble on Hollywood: Josh Boone: The Fault In Our Stand - starts at the One hour and 20 minute mark

Note - foul language abounds so definitely not work friendly or for those turned off by such language.

First reaction - Uh, wow!

Second reaction - HELLS YEAH!!!!!!!!!!

Third reaction - after listening to that Kevin Smith interview -


Boone so gets not just The Stand but every Stephen King story!!! Boone also takes special care to note that The Stand is not a story that can be translated into a bunch of strung together set pieces. To him The Stand is a story about characters and the audience getting into the heads of those characters.

Can't wait! Can't wait! Can't wait!


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Jan 19, 2011
Very excited for this news. I was completely shut off on the idea of fitting The Stand into 1 movie.

The issue I have... is whether or not the material will lend itself to be split up in quarters with enough "action" to warrant an entire movie? Where will the cutoffs be and are there good/natural cut off points? Can they pull this off with staying true to the source material? Im not worried about me and you... its John Q and Jane Q American. Will they sit through an entire movie with a lot of the plot consisting of Nick and Tom riding bikes across the midwest and the backstory and present preparations of Mother Abigail? Along with the first days of getting set up at Hemmingford Home and moving to Boulder. There are slogging parts of the story. I love every word of it... but to get the hook into others to justify the $$$?

I have said it before. This would be ultimate if it were presented on HBO or Showtime as (2) 10 episode series. That way you can have the 'slow' episodes without the pressure of giving the audience their complete money's worth.