Frankenstein Parallels?

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Jan 10, 2019
So I'm a huge King fan and so in my AP Lit class we got to do a choice reading assignment, and I chose Pet Sematary. That being said, I'm currently doing a research paper on the book and the underlying themes within it, trying to pick a guiding question to base my paper around. So I'm reading up on some articles about it and people are taking notice of Frankenstein parallels within the novel, particularly Louis Creed grave robbing and resurrecting a dead body, only to have it turn into a murderous creature much like the story of Victor Frankenstein. My final question being for King, did you have these parallels in mind when writing this book, or perhaps Frankenstein served as some dark inspiration. I'd love to know more and hear from you, it would actually be ridiculous if I could be citing straight from the author, but anyway hope to hear from you!

- Jake Carson


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Jun 15, 2007
Cambridge, Ohio
Welcome. I see the connection idea, but I think it may be a little tenuous. Louis Creed didn't create or build anything. It was part of an Indian legend that happened to be real. Also Frankensteins monster was only murderous as a means of self protection while what came back from the grave was pure evil
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