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From Russia with love

Discussion in 'Newbies Start Here' started by jahrastafarri, Jun 8, 2014.

  1. jahrastafarri

    jahrastafarri Member

    Hello everyone!
    Nice to join the community.
    My English is far not perfect, so I won't write much. My real name is Valera. I'm from Russia (if you didn't get it yet) and I've read loads of King's works and enjoyed most of them. Although, russian translations are mostly mediocre :) My favourite ones are "The Dark Tower" and "Pet Sematary". Now reading "Insomnia", truly absorbing book.
    Hope to hit it off in here!
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2014
  2. FlakeNoir

    FlakeNoir Original Kiwi© SKMB® Moderator

    Welcome, good to have you here. (And, your English is fine...) :)
  3. Spideyman

    Spideyman Uber Member

    Hello and welcome. Privet!
  4. mjs9153

    mjs9153 Guest

    welcome, enjoy your time here!:grinning:
  5. Dana Jean

    Dana Jean Dirty Pirate Hooker Moderator

    Hi Valera!
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  6. king family fan

    king family fan Prolific member

    hi and welcome. Glad you are joining us.
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  7. blunthead

    blunthead Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the SKMB!
    GNTLGNT, king family fan and mjs9153 like this.
  8. VultureLvr45

    VultureLvr45 Well-Known Member

  9. SutterKane

    SutterKane Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the site. I'm new as well, but it seems like a great board so far...... and your english is fine, better than some folks born & raised here actually
  10. jahrastafarri

    jahrastafarri Member

    Thank you all, folks! It's a pleasure to read this. Doing my best, flipping through a dictionary, you know :)
  11. Sundrop

    Sundrop Sunny the Great & Wonderful

    GNTLGNT and blunthead like this.
  12. prufrock21

    prufrock21 Well-Known Member

    Welcome, Valera. Safe to say Mr. King would approve of your English.
    GNTLGNT and blunthead like this.
  13. jahrastafarri

    jahrastafarri Member

    Mr. King would do me proud if he approved of the song I've recently posted :)
    GNTLGNT and blunthead like this.
  14. booklover72

    booklover72 very strange person

    Welcome Valera, your english is fine. enjoy the board.

    Cead Mile Faite - irish for 100,000 welcomes
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  15. not_nadine

    not_nadine Comfortably Roont

    (hope that is right!)

  16. jahrastafarri

    jahrastafarri Member

    Right you are, that is exactly how polite russians welcome guests. And thank you!
  17. Swede74

    Swede74 Active Member

    Добро пожаловать. Я думаю, что русский язык очень красивый язык. Желаю, что это был бы мой родной язык.

    Welcome, and please accept my apologies for mangling your language. What I was trying to say was that I think Russian is a very beautiful language, and that I wish it was my native tongue.

    GNTLGNT The idiot is IN

  19. jahrastafarri

    jahrastafarri Member

    No need to apologize, your Russian is completely accurate and understandable. You're doing great! And thank you for your kind words.
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