Geography and DT

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Mar 18, 2014
One thing I meant to keep track of but never did was figure out some of the actual geographical locations in the DT series.

Off the top of my head....
  • There's Maine, where SK lives.
  • Kansas (I believe), where the group is on the way to the Emerald Bubble (my term) and that intersects with the aftermath of The Stand.
  • Nebraska, via Blaine the Mono
....just curious if anybody else ever took note of some of the landmarks. I'm in goggling some of the places, even if the images in my head will be richer than any real sight.
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Jan 22, 2013
As for the Kansas stuff- he wrote about Topeka and much of what he included does exist. Gage Park, the Zoo, Rose Garden and train (it was difficult for me to ride that stupid thing with my niece and nephews!) One of my favorite parts of the books since I grew up near there and can picture it all exactly how it is!