Getting confused

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Well-Known Member
Feb 16, 2012
Is it just me, or does the book get confusing?

I'm very near the end, but when I pick up my kobo, I realize I don't know what I previously read, and I can't figure out why a character is where they are.

This has only been happening to me since
they started heading out to meet Rose where the overlook used to be

It's much easier to back track with a real book. And I can't it the writing, or I'm just to tired when I'm reading?

The Nameless

M-O-O-N - That spells Nameless
Jul 10, 2011
The Darkside of the Moon (England really)
I don't think I had too many issues with this. I agree about the ereader being harder to back track though, I read the stand across 3 different formats - hardback for bed, paperback for around the house, and kobo for traveling - and I do remember it taking me a few lines to realise where I was on the kobo.

Maybe you are having the same issue as @fushingfeef - too many characters in a short amount of text.


Sunny the Great & Wonderful
Jun 12, 2008
I didn't have this problem, either.....but I read it in book format.
Sometimes, when I read something on my Nook, I have trouble following along if I have too many interruptions.....maybe that is what's happening to you.
I agree, it is much easier to backtrack and skim for missed bits with an actual book.

Walter Oobleck

keeps coming back...or going, and going, and going
Mar 6, 2013
That happens to me at times, book or kindle, so what I do is flip back to where I know I was and start again. Sometimes it takes more than a few backward steps before I find my way again. If you can place the key characters in time & place, that would help...and don't know how much I can add without spoiling it for you...who's talking, who's there, where are they...where are the other key characters, so on so forth. I think font matters...I like Times New Roman...which is what an early typewriter I had typed out...or at least, I think that's what it was called. Some fonts seem cozier than others whereas some fonts are like aliens. Go figure. Font size, another matter...say like the hardback there's lots of space on the page, which isn't comfortable to me although at times I prefer space on the page and wish the writer had left more space on the page...


Well-Known Member
Feb 16, 2012
OK. So whatever the exact's me. (Actually, good to know.)

I actually am comfortable with the size of text and font. @Walter Oobleck I find font to be VERY important too.

I've been reading at bed time. It's my wind down time...the one time nobody interrupts me. No noises, no phone calls, no "where is.." Just me and my story. And to forget a bit occasionally is normal for me...but some of this feels like I missed an entire chapter.

I've decided to finish, then reread the last few chapters. I'm soooo close to the end. And, last nights reading answered one question....I hadn't missed a part, this one part got answered after the fact.

I thought I missed who pushed her.
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