Great Read! (one Small Criticism)

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Jun 2, 2011
The Caribbean
Absolutely loved this book! I've got one small criticism, however. My wife, being an avid Sox fan, much like Mr. King, subscribes to the baseball package on our local cable just so we can catch the games. (We live near Albany, NY.) I so often see Mr. King at the games, and I think he catches more games at Fenway than we do (we go a few times a year). Assuming that Mr. King's as much as a fan of the sport (as well as the Sox that we are), I have a hard time letting this go by without a mention. (Probably my OCD, which gets worse with each passing year) For the record, three strike outs (in three at bats) is the "Hat Trick", four strike outs (for four at bats) is the "Golden Sombrero".
Five strikes out in five at bats is, "Back to the minors!"
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Oct 8, 2013
Somewhere over the Rainbow
I read that one. I really liked it, because I didn't really need to understand baseball to get into the story at all.
Saturday nights at our place gets a little crazy sometimes because my husband and I are die hard Leafs fanatics! You know you are a fan when this team is your favourite. By the way, do I get that your nephew is a player? Who is he? I'd love to know.
Hockey Night in Canada and Don Cherry (Coaches Corner) is a family favorite here! Both sons are in a hockey program. One wants to be a goalie and the other a forward. Hubby was a goalie. So glad we can get it in the states!
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