Guess what outsider is

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When it doubt, run!
Feb 11, 2015
whatsamatteru. usa
As the new cover was revealed the article i read from was at least fans can meet the outsider and begin to guess what it is.

Now this is a total guess but the outsider is upside down. Usually that has something to do with evil spirits or demons. Total guess here but thats what article says. So if u want to play the guessing game please respond. All comic replies welcome .


Well-Known Member
Mar 23, 2018
Ok, so I'm starting to get really intrigued about what this book is going to be about. That slightly spoilery review and the new "Evil can have many faces... Maybe even yours" ad that you probably see right not is getting me a lot more interested in this one than I was before. (And definitely more excited than I will probably be for Elevation.)

Doc Creed

Well-Known Member
Nov 18, 2015
United States
I'll be on Flagg Watch.
Praying this isn't a crime thriller, we just had one of those.
I agree. I wish he'd write more horror. Ghost stories, dystopian, anything. He's probably like "been there, done that, guys, get off my hind quarters!". Heh heh. I'm just thankful he's still writing and giving us such great stories, and a variety.
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