Guess Who's Having a Birthday This Saturday? (Dana Jean, Doc Creed and Tery) ♥

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Apr 11, 2006
New Zealand
This is the craziest of weeks and I have so little time, I wish I could do this proper justice but I have to leave for work.

Dana Jean - my absolute (non-L/Lbanese) go-to girl, happiest of birthdays, I will msg you on the day. :love:

Tery - (did you change your avatar? Oh I hope I've tagged the right Tery!) Happiest of birthdays girl, sending you love and light! :love:

Doc Creed - Happiest of birthdays to you my friend, wishing you the best always. :love:

I am so sorry to the people that may have msg'd me recently and I haven't gotten back to yet. Moderator prufrock21

Hugs to you all!

:biglove: :cake: :cake: :cake: