Happy Birthday to Mr. King!

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Drawn to Ka-tet

Well-Known Member
Mar 15, 2007
New Hampshire
Happy Birthday Mr King. Thank you for all that you have given to us, your fans, your Constant Readers. I deeply respect you for standing up in the world for what is right. What can I give the man who has everything? Just my gratitude, Sai. Long days and pleasant nights.
I hope Mollie, that lovely Thing of Evil, doesn't steal your cake today, but I don't put it past her.
Mr. King,

My wife and I saw your post on Twitter about how you rather be 71 than nothing. We answered there, but we wanted to answer here too! May you never find the clearing at the end of the path, or at the very least shoot for a 101! With you that means at least 60+ more of your books for humankind. It sounds like win/win for you and us. Keep on trucking Taleslinger and Happy Birthday!
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