Have you done IT more than once?

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Jun 19, 2016
Derry, NH
....we ARE talking about the movie right?......:umm:
Where is your mind today, Scott??;;D
Okay, is it me, or are movies wicked expensive these days? I took Danny to see IT, and by the time I paid the babysitter (I think that bringing little Alex to see IT would be akin to child abuse), paid for the tickets, popcorn, candy, and drinks, I think had gone through almost $70.
As much as I'd love to, I don't think it would be financially prudent.

Zone D Dad

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Apr 17, 2017
Chicago Suburbs
Shoot - haven't gone once yet. I plan on taking my 14 year-old with me and the kid has been so tied up in school activities that we haven't had the chance. I'm not that worried, box office seems to indicate that this one's going to be in the theaters for awhile yet. The way things are going, I'll probably see The Dark Tower courtesy of Redbox before we get to the theater to see It.


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Jun 14, 2015
IT was better the second time I saw it.

Since it wasn't quite as an emotional experience as it was the first time, I was able to watch it in a more...clinical manner.

The one thing I noticed repeatedly was the color red.

Once it comes out for home viewing, I'll do an even more critical analysis.

What I will say is this: Red is EVERYTHING in this movie.


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Aug 19, 2017
I'm going again tomorrow.

They post the Friday schedule on Thursday (today is Thursday for future reference) so I got the spot I wanted, though I wasn't the first to buy tix for my screening.

So, who else has gone more than once?

I had planned on going to see the movie again this weekend but I hurt my leg really bad and the idea of all those stairs is a nightmare.