Heya y'all! I'm Yuna Angell Birthday Princess of Halloween Birthday Samhain Sabbat Day, Celtic Ancestors Farmers' Moon Phases Lunar Calendars!

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Nov 5, 2019
Thanks Ms. Mod! Nice to meet you :D

I loved the movie The Shining and the clever reverse of the word "murder" by the word "redrum". I love Stephen King's work but sometimes I close my eyes being scared, giggles :D

I feel Stephen King is a father figure and mentor for writers, especially since my date of birth is Halloween also Samhain Sabbat Day of Celtic Ancestors Farmers[' Moon Phases Lunar Calendars! It's Halloween :D

Everything anything Stephen King for me from now on, loyal fan and supporter and follower of Stephen King always!

Love to all Horror fans especially Stephen King.
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