His neverending fury? Spoilers.

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Doc Creed

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Nov 18, 2015
United States
....I don't think Christine requires a "driver"......she's sentient evil.....the ghosts are simply manifestations of the hell force that propels her.....the souls just fuel her psychic tank.....
I agree, because
didn't the car (without the help of a separate entity) cause LeBay to become depressed and evil which resulted in his family's deaths? I don't think there was a previous owner or ghost in that case.

Hill lover35

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Jan 8, 2017
Alberta canada
Ok so I am doing my re-read of Christine and still only I; the first 100 pages. I just read when Dennis goes to visit lebrays brother after the funeral, and he is talking about how Ronald was a horrible person when he was younger and even before he even got Christine. He has a small passage where he is saying that Ronald had a never ending fury, or a deep fury or anger deep inside him. I will try to take a pic and post it. Along with the page number. So this m8 d of leds me to belive that the. Car is equal and feeds of Ronald’s deep anger. So that makes me think Ronald Flagg is some how envolved, like he is instructing the car through the antenna like in maximum overdrive


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Apr 24, 2019
I may be overthinking this but I never understood the context of the last line. Christine is referred to by the she/her pronoun throughout but the last line says 'His neverending fury'. I immediately thought of Roland LeBay but then wondered was King obliquely referring to God/Christ? After all, Christ is in Christine. I'm not saying this novel is a thinly veiled metaphor for God's wrath but I can't say I'm not curious about the implications in this last line. Why not end with her neverending fury?
Thoughts are appreciated. ☺
.......I just cant wait to get a proper keyboaard. Want to post more and thoroughly.
Good stories are multifaceted diamonds, many sides to gaze into.
Often the bad guys wear white hats and the good guys wear black.
Evidence of that throughout this novel.
"Christine" does mean "Christ like".
Definitely onto something interesting here.
i have read the thread and do have something different to contribute.
Will elaborate soon.
Enjoying this thread too.


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Apr 24, 2019
"I keep thinking of George LeBay in Ohio. His sister in Colorado. Leigh in New Mexico. What if it's started again? What if it's working its way east, finishing the job? Saving me for last?
His single-minded purpose.
His unending fury."
Well, Christine is referred to as an 'it' here and then twice (it would appear) as a him. Interesting. Nowhere in the book does this happen (that I'm aware) until those last two lines. Also, a fun piece of trivia: King recently said in an interview that this was his favorite ending of all his novels. Things that make you go hmmmm. ☺
last page tells A LOT.
Mr.Kings mind is obviously filled w/all sorts of creative possibilities,
perhaps he gave us a challenging opportunity to use and enjoy our own unique imaginations.


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Apr 24, 2019

This is the story through my eyes
just the way I see things:

Doesn't much matter if Christine is referred to as a she, he or it.
She's one of those other-worldly mysteries we're simply not supposed to be able to completely comprehend.
God does work in mysterious ways and everything ultimately serve the big picture of the grand plan/scheme.
"Christine" does mean "Christ like", and Christ is also the Just Judge as well as other things.
"......you shall know them by their works/deeds" - as in whether they are righteous or not
Christ is in all , one way or another.

Arnie saved Christine from stagnation and rusting decay, freeing her.
Christine saved Arnie from abuse and oppression at home and out in society, setting him free.
(we'll get to Lebay's "influence" or attempt to possess Arnie and/or Christine later, please be patient.)

Let's look at the "characters" Christine (with or without Arnie) actually killed and "nudged" in the direction of death.

Those actually murdered:
Generally wastes of life, air and water, or at the least had the great potential and determined inclination to be.

The suicides:
Suicide is always a choice. Something was already broken in the both of them.
Maybe they were merely no good, or maybe they were escaping their horrible mates.
Maybe Christine nudged them in the direction they were meant to go.
I certainly don't recall any innocents, such as mothers pushing baby buggies, being run down in the streets.

The chokings:
Lebay's daughter -- No matter what the mother was, Lebay was an evil, bitter bastard. Maybe his progeny
was avidly following in dear old dads footsteps, or had the capability to do so.
Not all kids are sweet and innocent.
Remember "The Bad Seed" and it's remake "The Good Son."

( and lets not forget Lebay bought Christine brand new right off the production line.
Maybe the power of Christine is "all in the way you use it", either for justice or injustice.)

Leigh-- Maybe Christine wouldn't have been so jealous of her, if she hadn't been so jealous of Christine.
It's a pretty messsed up disposition and lack of character for anyone to be jealous over something like a car
or a pet animal.
Last but not least, Leigh was conspiring with and cheating on Arnie with Dennis, behind Arnie's back.
He and/or Christine might have known that or sensed the treachery coming.

Now let's look at the 4 people closest to Arnie, and who were supposed to be the ones to love him the most.
Arnie's parents:
Arnie was bullied and cruelly controlled at home. His parents forced their warped, soul stealing,
sickeningly mundane version/view of conventionality on him.
Harmfully oppressing his individuality, killing his spirit slowly and surely, and pretty much making his
life a hellish misery. THAT is not real love. I despised both those people.
Dennis and Leigh:
Lying, cheating self-righteous meddlers who "thought" THEY knew what was best for ARNIE and everyone else.
Just like Arnie's parents.
That quartet just couldn't stand Arnie and Christine to be together.
Oh my God! Arnie got a life! Arnie got some self esteem and a sense of independence.
Arnie got him a mind of hus own for once and CarpeDiem'd!
Arnie got tougher, cooler and wasn't taking any more bull crap from anyone anymore.
How perfectly evil of him. And that b***h Christine caused it all. She yoko'd Arnie!
This quartet didn't love Arnie without their strings attached to him.
They didn't love him unless he was what THEY thought he should be and what THEY
wanted him to be.
Christine never killed Dennis and Leigh, and only went after them when they went after her.

This is getting long.

continued on next post :)
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Apr 24, 2019
Lebay's Influence:
Ghosts are always hanging around.
Some to help (Pet Sematary), some to be a pain in the butt and/or a nuisance in general.
I think Lebay may have been trying to "possess" Arnie to once again possess Christine, but he didnt succeed.
I think he might have wanted to have his car back and to live again through/in Arnie.
He did have some influences on Arnies disposition at times, but I dont think he was particularly powerful.
He was hanging around and enjoying the conflict, chaos and heartache.
He would be the type to want to see others unhappy if he could not be happy himself.

At the end of the story the real tragedy for me is Arnie remained persecuted and died, and Christine lost her love.
Heros of all kinds do fall unjustly sometimes.
I like to think Christine is in a junkyard just waiting for the next love of her life to come along
to save and be saved by again. I know I aint right, but I'm not ALWAYS wrong :D

More later guys, battery on this computer is getting low.

Thankyou for your consideration.
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Apr 24, 2019
.......I like cars. I like Rock and Roll BlockParty Weekends on classic FM radio.
I like strange love stories and adventures. I like Underdogs being avenged a thousand fold.
I like heroes accomplishing herculean tasks and being rewarded with their Just wages.
And I like a**h***s getting exactly what they deserve.
"Christine" is one of my all time favorite Stephen King novels,
sure would love to see another one or two books, making it a trilogy.
Im sure that probably won't happen, but its nice to think about it :D


Happy to be here!
Feb 18, 2012
Very interesting thoughts. I have a few responses so bare with me.

I will give you that Leigh was a bit jealous of Christine but not at first. That came later.
I actually had a boyfriend in high school who's car hated me. Every time I got in it, I would break a fingernail, or tear/stain my outfit, etc. Once he let me drive her and I blew the engine. We didn't get along at all. :biggrin2:

Nope, can't agree with you here. Dennis loved Arnie. I believe that strongly. Did he and Leigh mess up by falling for each other behind Arnie's back? Yes, but one could argue that Christine pushed them together. A good way to get them out of the picture for Arnie, and give him another reason to hate, which she feeds off of.

I think you are being pretty hard on his folks. In fact, they had a pretty decent relationship before Christine arrived. His mom was more controlling but was only trying to do what was best for her son. I would not agree that he was bullied at home. He certainly began to feel that way, again after Christine. She came into the picture and destroyed Arnie from the outside in. She was pure evil. I have always felt like Christine was similar to The Mangler. Some weird set of things came together as she rolled down the assembly line that opened the door (pun indeeded) for evil to infiltrate her.

Anyway, it's a favorite book of mine too, and I love discussing with folks on here dispite our various opinions. Either way, we can both enjoy the book!:)
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