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Doc Creed

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Nov 18, 2015
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Let me say right out of the gate that no one will ever top Dee Wallace's performance in Cujo but as I read the novel again last year I kept imagining this actress as Donna Trenton. (She played Lori in TWD).
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I am not clamoring for a remake but has anyone wondered about Cujo as a miniseries? Maybe three episodes. That could be challenging because the events in the book build up to one single event, but didn't King once say that as he was writing it he envisioned it as a TV movie-of-the-week? Although, this is the book he says he doesn't remember writing.
(To accomplish this I think Charity, Joe and Brett would need more development than they were given in the movie. In the novel we are told about Brett getting Cujo as a puppy, the Camber's pressure-cooker marriage, and Charity's time spent with her sister after her lottery win.)


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Mar 23, 2007
this movie is a clumsy, incredibly boring adaption of a highly terrifying book...

the dramatic tension that is built page by page until the three meet in the yard is excrutiating...and then it delves into true horror...

none of that exists within this film...

a great and brutal book unworthy of such a lesser effort.

this could've been, if handled correctly, the type of movie, like 'the exorcist', 'alien' or carpenters 'the thing' that people revere decades later...

sorry i can't join in the fun and think it is good on any level...it, like 'christine' is one that is in dire need of a truly great remake
Each to their own but at the risk of sounding like a jackass I think you're wrong on every single point you make there, the performances in Cujo are superb, even the performances by the dogs were excellent, Dee Wallace says it's her best performance in her career and I for one would agree with her, it was an award worthy performance. It may not hit the heights of Shawshank or Stand By Me but I think it's as good as Misery or The Dead Zone, it's definitely one of the best SK adaptations out there.