How can I watch Stand by Me?

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Carry on
Jun 19, 2016
Derry, NH
Try Solarmovies SC

Watch Stand by Me Online Free On



Don't download anything.

I hope you can find it.

(Nice to see you!)
I'm not sure if it is. Often I can't get things here in NZ that people in the U.S can.
google : Watch Stand By Me
several suggestion will be available
Thank you all so much! I think we found something that works. I'll be catching up in the cantina shortly. Lot's to tell. Hope all is well!


Well-Known Member
Feb 18, 2013
Watch it on your computer, your computer must have a DVD player. I like the special features. I watched Child's Play four nights ago and Chucky was commentating on his acting performance and he said when he got caught on fire in the fireplace he only did one take. The special feature's on Stand by Me are good as well: I've got the DVD I think it's the 30th Anniversary addition with King talking a bit, it looks like he's being interviewed in Florida because there's palm trees in the background. The director's commetary over the movie is also good.
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