How did this film do?

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Jun 4, 2007
Question, Ms. Mod: I have not seen this film yet (I did read the excellent story, though), I hope to soon, but how did the film do at the box office and through VOD?

You obviously are aware of the coerced day-and-date release with "The Interview." King and his investors used a similar model for "A Good Marriage," as we discussed previously. The Sony picture reminded me to ask if the results for "A Good Marriage" were satisfactory.

Will King do this again? Please let him, or his partners, know that "Fair Extension" might be a great vehicle for a second attempt at this VOD/theater releasing mechanism. The story was great, maybe even a bit short (although it's always good to leave the reader wanting more, sometimes at least); it might be great to see, say, a low-budget, 85-minute adaptation of this tale (I think stories like this do better at slightly under ninety minutes; would keep the budget down, as well).

To judge the experiment properly, he would probably have to write the screenplay. If he didn't want to do that, maybe one of his sons could do it (would love to see either Joe Hill or Owen King adapt a story of King's to the screen, assuming that hasn't already occurred).

I searched for articles on this subject so I wouldn't have to ask, but I came up empty (one combination of terms actually brought up my previous post on the subject).

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