How the Haven series needs to end

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Feb 4, 2010
I was a fan of the Colorado Kid, even though I hadn't read the DT series, and didn't understand some of it. (Starbucks in 1982?)

I LOVE the show (flaws, plot holes, wonky writing & all) and understand it's "based" off of the CK short. Besides the guy on the beach & the brothers not a lot is related. I have no idea how season 5/6 is going to go, but they need to do an epilog with Vince & Dave at the gull with the Boston Herold reporter, and their new newspaper intern......Stephie, who is Audry (Sarah/Mara/Lexi...)
Do it almost verbatim from the book & then ... end credits.

No matter what happens I'm very glad they gave the show the proper time to end. Like I said, it'll never win an Emmy, but we love the cast and the SK dings, and the weird vibe.
Edge was great in Season 4, and I'm glad to see he in a lot of the posters for the new season.

It'll be different watching this week to week, as we watched the first 4 seasons over about a month on Netflix.

Bev Vincent

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Apr 11, 2006
Edge/Adam is going to be featured a lot more this season. He was a novice actor when they hired him to be an electrician in that episode that started the Chris Brody storyline and he was such a natural that they've increased his part. Apparently Stan the Cop was just an extra who worked his way into being a semiregular, too.

I like your idea for the ending. I asked Sam Ernst on Twitter the other night if they have an endgame in mind, and he said that they do.

Starbucks in 1982: There are other worlds than these. How do you think CK got to ME from CO in less time than possible? ;)