How's The Weather?

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cat in a bag

Well-Known Member
Aug 28, 2010
You and CAT said the "S" word..............:rage:
:biglove: I have given up on any fall here. So much so, I saw a commercial for something the other night that said something about fall, and I was confused for a second, thought they were showing an old commercial! It's winter here, so should be everywhere else! Haha.

Although we have had some decent 50 degree days this week.

Out of Order

Need More Time
Feb 9, 2011
New Hampster
Do you ever get the feeling that the TV weather people actually like bad events?

Last week I was watching the local news and the weather guy was giving a tropical update and he looked dejected and made the comment, "it's been a dud of a hurricane season."
It's funny but that guy on The Weather Channel, Dr. Forbes, almost looks disheartened when no tornadoes are spawned from a supercell. I believe one time he actually said "why might have better luck tomorrow."

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